Hyperloop is an unproven technology that could disrupt ground (and underground) travel. A hyperloop is a low pressure tube, or system of tubes, through which autonomous pods (containing people or freight) may travel, floating on air or using magnetic levitation, at speeds up to 750 mph.

The concept was first introduced by Robert Goddard in 1904, and popularized by Elon Musk in 2012. Musk’s proposal is to use tunnels to eliminate traffic congestion (which is why Musk formed the Boring Company to make tunneling more efficient). Watch a brief video here. Implementing Hyperloop involves very high initial capital investments (to install the tube system), but operations would be low cost, fast, and environmentally efficient.

There are several companies developing pilot versions, including Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop One. At this stage there are test tracks in the US and Europe, with expected operation starting in 2021-2. The technology seems best applied to inter-city travel. Proposed routes are in Germany, the US, and India. (China has specifically denied interest in the technology, preferring to continue to enhance its high-speed trains.)

If implemented, the impact on jobs would initially be positive, involving major tunnel construction projects. Manufacture and operation of the pods would require skills different from working with trains and buses, but no major loss of jobs would be envisaged (beyond those already resulting from the transition to autonomous electric vehicle travel).





HyperloopTT is building a full-scale hyperloop test track in Toulouse (Transport - 2019-03 - Futurism)

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is building a 320 meters (1,049 ft) hyperloop test track in Toulouse, France , which will be used to test its passenger pod in April 2019.

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Hyperloop transportation is soon to become a reality (Hyperloop - 2018-12 -

A review of the history and current status of hyperloop technology.

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First Hyperloop passenger capsule unveiled (Hyperloop - 2018-10 - Bloomberg)

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies unveiled its first full-scale passenger capsule – 105 feet long and weighing 5 tons – in Spain. The ‘Quintero One’ is made almost entirely out of composite material.

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The Boring Company will give free rides in its test tunnel in December 2018 (Hyperloop - 2018-10 - BigThink)

Elon Musk’s Boring Company will give free rides in its proof-of-concept tunnel in December. The tunnel is about 2 miles long, and contains electric skates that travel at top speeds of around 150 mph.

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Hyperloop is coming to Abu Dhabii in 2019 (Hyperloop - 2018-10 - TechRepublic)

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies plans to bring its low-pressure tube-based transport system to Abu Dhabi in late 2019. The 10 km track is designed for both passengers and cargo, and capsules can travel at speeds of <1,223 km/h. Each 30-meter long capsule can hold 28-40 passengers. Show full article

Chicago business travelers may soon be able to take Hyperloop to the airport (Hyperloop - 2018-06 - TechRepublic)

Elon Musk’s Boring Company won the bid to create and operate a high-speed express Hyperloop train from downtown Chicago to Chicago’s International Airport, which could cut travel time to 12 minutes. Each vehicle will feature luggage space and Wi-Fi, allowing business passengers to use computers in transit.

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Elon Musk's hyperloop will give 8-minute rides from downtown LA to the airport for $1 (Hyperloop - 2018-05 - TechRepublic)

Elon Musk detailed plans for The Boring Company’s Loop in Los Angeles, a mass transit system that will carry 16 people and travel at 150 miles per hour through a tunnel. If travel via the Hyperloop becomes a reality, its routes could radically cut down on the time and costs for business and other travelers to get from city to city and country to country.

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Passive magnetic levitation: The future of land-based transport? (Hyperloop - 2018-03 - Science)

An introduction to the science behind Hyperloop, which dates back to 1996.

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Hyperloop technologies could revolutionise travel: here's everything you need to know about the technology and the companies involved (Hyperloop - 2018-03 - ZDNet)

Hyperloop is a new form of ground transport currently in development by a number of companies, which could see passengers traveling at 700 miles an hour in floating pods within low-pressure tubes. The basic concept was proposed in 1910, updated by Elon Musk in 2013, and a production system is expected in 2021. Many initial routes are being considered in the US, Europe, and India. The system would be faster, lower cost, and environmentally better than rail travel over 900 miles.

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Introduction to hyperloop technology (Hyperloop - 2018-03 - ZDNet)

An overview of the history of hyperloop technology, the current state of development, the major players, and current installation plans and costs.

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Mass transit to be prioritized over cars by Boring Company (Hyperloop/Mass Transit - 2018-03 - Futurism)

Elon Musk says his Boring Company is switching focus to prioritize transportation for pedestrians and cyclists over cars. In his concept, a pod fills up with people at ground level with its destination lit up on front and side. The pod descends into a tunnel below to a track, then speeds to its destination at about 200 km/h.

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Indian hyperloop route promises Mumbai to Pune in 25 minutes (Hyperloop/Intercity - 2018-02 - TechRepublic)

An agreement between Virgin Hyperloop One and the Indian government lays the groundwork for building a hyperloop system connecting Mumbai to Pune within seven years. The route is about 100 miles by road and will be traversed in 25 minutes.

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